One for me and one for you

One for me and one for you

This picture is my own home. I put this little corner together after a shopping trip that was for both myself and Goldenrod. I purchased this buffet for me but the mirror, trinket house, lamp, candlesticks, crock, and brass candelabra were for the shop. 

I started arranging things and then would "borrow" a piece or two from my Goldenrod stash. Before I knew it I had used most of the pieces that I bought for the shop. Then I decided that it was perfectly fine. I don't remember to shop for myself very often at all.

The strange thing about owning a shop is that when you go shopping, you get to buy everything you love. You don't have to ask yourself if you need it or if you have a place for it do!

I'm pretty pleased with this little corner of my home. It will probably change in a month or two but for today it makes me happy when I walk in my front door. Especially this happy little maiden hair. 

Do you have a favorite corner of your home?


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