The Story of Goldenrod

The Story of Goldenrod

Owning a home decor shop has been my dream for years. I used to read Joanna Gaines books and fall asleep dreaming of the day when I could open my own shop. Several years ago I tried to start my own business of decorating people's homes using what they already owned or what we could find at yard sales and thrift shops. It went great for a few months and then after one day where I had to bring all four little kiddos with me and leave them in a hall with strict instructions "not to touch anything", I realized that I was not at a stage where I could have a job like that. So I waited.

I pushed pause and decided I would try again after the last child graduated. I'm not sure how many of you know this but I am a homeschool mama and I serve on a leadership team at my children's co-op. The dream of having a shop seemed like it needed to wait about ten years.

Then January of '21 Molly and I were sitting by the fire and she asked me whatever happened to my dream of being a shop owner. I explained my situation to her (which I kind of thought she knew already!) but she wasn't one bit satisfied. She asked me to go down to the corner and just check and see if any buildings were available to rent and since I had only ever imagined I would have to purchase a building, this was a new and attainable idea to me. 

I wandered down to the corner and did some checking only to discover that this beautiful little 100 year old home was being renovated and would be ready to rent that spring. Then I sat and talked to my family and the more we kept talking the more we kept thinking that this just might work. 

Now a year and a half later, Molly is my manager and the best one a small business owner could ever hope for. The shop is doing great. I own a website and a shop full of beautiful items. I have a large and supportive Instagram following. I love my job and am so incredibly grateful for Molly's encouragement and my family's support and help. Goldenrod has been a gift and a growing experience and I love it to pieces!

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