Today is a Good Day to Start Something New

Today is a Good Day to Start Something New

My first business blog.

I actually love to write and am so glad to be able to share my rambling thoughts with you. We are in the month of August and it is a slow month for sellers of antiques (or anything that doesn't fit into a locker or backpack).

People are thinking of "Back to School" and very little else. It's too hot for fall but too late for summer. Last year August was a month that got to me. I felt discouraged and disheartened, but this year it is a good time to settle down and work on my website which has been almost as demanding as my kids have been.

Today I am grateful for quiet. I am grateful for still. I am grateful for time.

I am grateful for Kaitlyn Palmquist who is the genius behind this beautiful website. I told her I wanted it to feel exactly like shopping in the actual shop and she surpassed my wildest dreams.

I am looking forward to fall and for the shop to feel full and bustling again, but today I am grateful for what now looks like.

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Jen, you’re the best. Thanks so much for partnering. It’s been an honor!!


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