Welcome to Goldenrod

I'm Jen Jeppsen, the owner and designer for Goldenrod on Pickwick. My goal is to bring the essence of my little shop into the comfort of your own home. So pour a little orange oil into your diffuser, turn up the Goldenrod on Pickwick playlist and enjoy shopping for antiques without filling your gas tank and traveling.

  • “ I love shopping for antiques but never have the time to sift through the mountains of junk to find the treasures.”

  • “I love antiques in other people’s homes but I can’t envision them in my own home.”

These are complaints I’ve heard for years. Antiquing and thrifting are not everyone’s cup of tea.

Goldenrod is a home decor store that desires to teach people to decorate their home responsibly using pre-loved, vintage, and antique items instead of purchasing everything brand new.

Not that new is bad but when there are so many beautiful items already made in decades past, why not find ways to restore them to their former glory and let shine again?

Every room in Goldenrod is decorated as a home would be decorated (though possibly a maximalist home so that you have lots to choose from).



Do we ship?

Yes! We ship anywhere in the continental US.

Where do we get our items?

Literally everywhere! Yard sales, antique stores, flea markets, facebook marketplace, even my own home.

Do you do estate sales?

Rarely. Estate sales are not really my thing. I don’t like to feel rushed or crowded when I shop. It tends to make me buy things without thinking through them.

How do you run a shop with so many kids that you homeschool?

Fortunately they are the best of helpers and all love antiquing!

Can you help me find items?

Absolutely! Send me the items that you are looking for and while I’m hunting for treasures for the shop, I’ll keep my eyes peeled for treasures for you.

Do you buy from individuals?

Not very often. People who are looking to sell one or two of their treasures or keepsakes, usually end up wanting more than I can afford to spend. For the most part I end up suggesting Facebook Marketplace. Yard sales on the other hand, are a different story. Those people are usually anxious to get rid of things and willing to sell for a lower price.

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